You’ve finally landed a date with the girl of your dreams, but wait… why hasn’t she contacted you since? 

1. Scrolling through your phone

This is a common habit people can’t quit, and it’s a notoriously practice that will ruin plenty of relationships with people. It may seem as if you’re on a date with your phone rather than the person sitting across from you, seriously just put it on vibrate and shove it away. NEVER answer your phone at the table, unless you want pissed-off glares and awkward conversations afterward. If it’s an emergency, step outside to take a call. 

2. Disinterest in anything else unless “you” are involved

If in a world full of people, the only person you see is yourself then it’s clear you have a lot to learn before going on dates. Conversation works more than one way, and your date is going to desire to feel as if you enjoy being there with her. Balance the communication, don’t look at her like she’s a mirror. 

3. Order for her

We see this done in movies way too much, and it can get quite annoying. Just because you want the rib-eye, doesn’t mean that’s the only thing on the menu that interests her as well. Be patient. 

4. Boast about her nonstop 

Girls love being complimented, but if this is your first date with her then maybe it’s not the best to sound too clingy. If you make her feel as if she’s the only girl for you after the very first time being with her, what do you think she’ll feel during the next couple of dates? 

5. Act interested, then ghost her afterward

Never lead someone on, it honestly makes them feel like crap. If you enjoyed spending time on the date, then show it by keeping in contact. Even if you’re disinterested in another date, just let her know but be nice about it. Don’t be a douche. 

6. Be conceited 

For some reason, people believe that if they are incredibly lucky and brag about it to their dates, then the receiving party will be more interested. No, don’t do that. You’re no more important than someone who works at Starbucks. 

7. Boob-talking 

Are you on a date with her or her boobs? This isn’t rocket science. 

8. Look at other women

Unless you want to be embarrassed and ditched, there is no reason to eye up other women. This not only makes a girl angry but is also hurtful. 

9. Assume she wants alcohol 

Ask before assuming, there may be a chance that she’s not a drinker and you look like a total tool for figuring she is. Not only is that a bad move, but she might also think you’re just trying to get her a little tipsy. 

10. Ask her to pay 

Now, this is different depending on the circumstances, but if you asked her out and this is the very first date – do I even need to say it? 

Make dates fun and comfortable. If you get a second one, then it’s clear you’re doing something right and if not then maybe you should look into it.  

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