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There are a couple of serial daters over here at DateCart, and when I say serial, I’m talking around 3 or 4 dates a week. They call it research. But such variety comes with a cost. Making a good first impression date after date becomes quite the expense. So how much should you be spending on a first date? It’s actually a very difficult question to answer these days. You spend too much and you’re trying too hard and if you spend too little your cheap. Some say it doesn’t matter how much you spend, as long as you have a good time and others say the best things in life are free.

For this very reason, we decided to build date budgeting right into the DateCart app to spare you the confusion. There’s not much to it really, choosing Basic presents you with activities that are more or less free, think free concerts in the park or $1 days at the aquarium. Even the restaurants in this class don’t require reservations. One level up is Solid where things get a bit more interesting. Here you’ll see activities starting at around $20/person depending on your location. Think standard tickets to a pro basketball game or activities you might find on a website like Groupon or Ticketmaster. Solid also bumps you bar/restaurant options up another start or two. We won’t talk about Luxe just yet, but I’m sure you can draw some conclusions here; the date continues to level up.

In conclusion, how you met is the biggest factor on how much you should spend on the first date. If you met at some bougie cocktail party, don’t go the burger and fries route. A standard has been set, stick to it. If you’ve met on an app like Tinder however, it’s usually acceptable to have a quick introductory first date, a drink or two, nothing too expensive. And if you’ve been introduced through a mutual friend or family member, the stakes are much higher as you have to be sure not to discredit your endorser. Play it safe and roll with DateCart dates Solid and above.

The DateCart app officially launches soon, but love can’t wait until then. Get on the list to put your name in the hat for access to our private beta.

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  • Of course a date in Cleveland is going to be loads cheaper than a date in West Hollywood, so location should be always be considered.
  • Lunch dates are cheaper.
  • 38% of women think men should pay for a first date.
  • 41% of women believe whoever initiated should pay for the first date.
  • 16% of people think splitting the bill is ok.


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