Whew. Who knew online dating was so much work? You’ve answered an endless number of questions about your personality. You’ve struggled to write a profile that portrays your life in the most positive possible light. You’ve persuaded your friend who knows Photoshop to “touch up” your photos. And you’ve spent hours reaching people’s profiles and searching for potential matches.

But then, it happens. You connect with someone who seems to like you, and the feeling’s mutual. A miracle! You begin a new relationship, with all the requisite starts, stops and awkward pauses. However tenuous the connection, you’ve connected. But how does your new relationship compare to what’s normal?

To shed some light on this question, we’ve compiled some of the most interesting dating statistics to give you a timeline of the average online dating relationship. Let’s do the numbers.

2 Dates

When couples will have their first kiss

3 Dates

How long it takes for men to know they’re falling for someone

14 Dates

How long it takes for women to know they’re falling for someone

6-8 Dates

How long couples typically wait until they “get to know each other better”

12-14 Dates

How many dates before you trade house keys

3 to 5 Months

Most common time for breakups

12 Months

How long before you know you want to marry someone

As you can see, each date is significant, so it’s important to take dates seriously and put your best foot forward. To plan the perfect date – whether it’s the first, fifth or 15th date – use DateCart to keep the excitement flowing in your relationship.

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