10. Get excited! 

Even before the date, you should do a little planning. When you plan out the date, including what to wear and which type of activity, it’s a natural way for building enthusiasm for the date. You want excitement about the big night out, not the feeling it’s like a job.  

9. Be happy that you didn’t get that facial/ eyebrow wax/ new-haircut-that-makes-you-look-like-a-boy-band-member/ tan, etc. 

Although looks aren’t everything, most people with a little common sense don’t have cosmetic-related things done a day before the date. Since most little touches are nice for one’s overall look, a tanning session might be part of your routine. However, if you try to rush it in the day before that blush might actually be a burn. Not good for a date.

When you calculate these things well, congratulate yourself for planning well. 

8. Conquer your nerves.

Remember that it’s more important to give the other person a chance. If you are too nervous, you won’t ask questions and will miss out on a chance to really click with someone. Imagine everyone in their underwear, count to ten, or remember that most people feel exactly as nervous as yourself. When they are as nervous as you, isn’t that a bit disarming? Why not make it easier for them and be the one to get the conversation going/ handle introductions? 

7. Be nice to the wait staff.

Be cordial, instead of condescending. Your date wants to see you treat other people nicely and fairly. Then, they can see that you are a kind person to all. Remember not to confuse nice with being overly solicitous. It is easy to confuse it with flirting. 

6. Keep an eye on how much they drink.

This one is a subtle one. Is your date drinking? Is your date offended by offers of alcohol? If your date doesn’t drink, they might judge you if you drink. If your date drinks heavily, you might want to take that into consideration. Ideally, if one party drinks a glass or two of wine, help yourself to one and parallel their consumption within your comfort zone. A glass of wine might help you or them loosen up. The only real thing to worry about is drinking too much or too little (unless that is of value to you). 

5. Get your hex of an ex out of your mind.

Even if you’re going on the rebound, you should take thoughts of your ex and put them in a box. After all, nothing begins without an ending. Imagine putting them in a compartment in your mind. Imagine locking it. Imagine the sound of the key turning. Leave them where you left them, or where they left you. Tonight is your night to begin anew. 

4. Talk about her/him. 

Keep the focus on your date and make sure they are having a good time. Highlight their positive attributes and compliment them when applicable. Try to go for a positive vibe. 

3. Ask questions! Ask, ask, and ask again.

This is similar to #4, but perhaps more important. It is the key to starting and maintaining a conversation. Ask your date about themselves, their interests, and life experiences. It’s your time to see what you have in common with them, what you like about them, and how they think. 

2. Remember your table manners.

Even if you don’t chew with your mouth closed at home, it’s time to remember all those little things your parents told you growing up. Know your forks and how to pronounce your order for etiquette points. Obviously, say “please” and “thank you.” Eat tidily. 

1. Show them you’re interested.

Smile, compliment their looks or achievements, flirt, make eye contact, do that classic pretend-to-stretch-and-put-your-arm-around-them. Turn up the charm! Act natural and in the moment. You’ll find yourself having fun in no time. 

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