In the wake of Facebook releasing the Top 10 Used Emojis, of course we at DateCart were super interested. Everyone uses them and we’ve all been there: .005 seconds after hitting send, you realize that you sent the 😍 emoji instead of 😂. You wait with bated breath, praying that you didn’t just scare away the first guy this week who did not lead with, “Hey ma, dtf?”

In this phone-centric world that we live in, emojis have the power to make or break your love life. Here are some do’s and dont’s of emoji use.

Do: Use emojis playfully.

A well-placed 🙄 can let them know that you are being sarcastic at the end of a sentence. Without this addition, he could think you really meant “I just love when the radio plays Nickelback 3 times on my commute,” and I’m sure you really don’t love that.

Don’t: Send only an emoji as a response.

Be careful with responding to a funny text with just a 😆 emoji. While you may legitimately just be laughing at what they said, it can come off in a way that tells them that you are bored or didn’t care enough to send a real response. 

Do: Let them know how you feel.

Emojis are the best way to express what facial features we have at the time without sending a selfie. If you just got a text that made you smile from ear-to-ear, go ahead and tell them that using 😁 with your response. 

Don’t: Make your text illegible with emoji spam.

Just because your auto-correct suggested that you use the car emoji instead of typing three whole letters, doesn’t mean that you actually have to do so. If you look at your message and it’s more picture than meaning, it could be time for an intervention. 

Do: Feel it out.

Bottom line, you know how your conversation is flowing. Just feel it out and show how you feel. Use these guidelines to steer you in the right direction and you may just get a 😍 back! ❤️ 🛒

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