Planning a date in Boston? Want to impress with something off-beat? Avoid the cliches by choosing from one (or a few) of these eight secret spots that your date will not forget! 

The Maparium at the Mary Baker Eddy Library

There’s a three-story tall, colorful, stained glass globe you can stroll through in the Back Bay! Many lifelong Bostonians never know it’s there. It’s a striking place that your date will remember. 

The Observatory at BU’s Astronomy Department 

What’s more magical than stargazing together? Observe the night sky on public open nights, starting at 7:30pm during fall/winter and 8:30pm during spring/summer. 

Gourmet Dumpling House in Chinatown 

Boston’s Chinatown is small – the heart of it is only a few blocks squared. But skip Italian in the North End (so obvious!) and cuddle up at one of Chinatown’s snug spots. This one is our fave for a date, especially in winter when the soup steams up the windows. 

New England Aquarium 

There is a special bond between two people who have witnessed penguins mate. (It happens sometimes.) But regardless… the chill vibe and the dark hallways will definitely encourage some hand holding. 

The Kelleher Rose Garden on the Fens 

This hidden oasis of romance will truly wow the one you wish to woo. After a nice lunch, take a stroll here to savor the sights and smells of more than 1500 types of roses. Picking isn’t allowed, so plan a stop on the way home to buy your date a long-stem. 

The Roofdeck Pool at the Colonnade Hotel 

On weekdays, the fabulous rooftop pool at The Colonnade Hotel is open to the public. A day pass runs $45 per person. Fancy cocktails and light lunches can be purchased, too. Views of the Back Bay and beyond are free! 

Berklee College performances

Students, faculty, and alumni of the prestigious college perform on most days of the year. “Remember that time we discovered a new indie favorite?” 

The Museum of Bad Art 

Research shows couples who laugh together stay together. This place is perfect for just that, as it features art that’s like your Aunt Ruth’s pug – so ugly it’s cute.


If you’re in Boston, skip the banal in favor of something unexpected for date night this weekend!  




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