A little over a month remaining in 2016 and it’s getting worse and worse, texting and <insert anything here>. You shouldn’t be texting and driving and or dating. All three together is really dangerous but texting and dating is just really annoying. Although not politically correct, we are going to throw in sharing beans, greens, potatoes, tomatoes, lamb videos on Facebook, checking your views on your Snaps, and adjusting your fantasy football lineup as texting. People are so attached to their phones today, that they’ve lost the ability to recognize whether they’re being rude or not. We’ve got to stop this. We thought it was an unwritten rule, but it’s one of the biggest vibe killers we are seeing on dates. But it’s all good, the DateCart team is here to give you all the cheat codes.

1. If you are going to text , do so discretely. Wait until he/she goes to the restroom, or simply excuse yourself to the restroom to send the message.

2. Don’t sit your phone on the table/bar. You will check it, I promise.

3. For those with babysitters or elderly parents, add them to your phone’s favorites. Those contacts sound a notification despite the phone being on Do Not Disturb (iPhone). Now you don’t need to check every message, only the important ones get through.

4. If the game is on that day, make sure you strategically pick a table with a TV in your peripheral that way you can sneak a look at the score during breaks in conversation.


5. Sit next to him/her. Right, I said it, be a grown up and instead of sitting across from them stargazing, sit right damn next to them. It will most definitely deter you from going for your phone and it’s actually better for talking in case the venue gets loud.

Now all this excludes food pics and selfies, things like this indicate you are having a good time. Go ahead and post those, but don’t get caught up on monitoring the likes. Get back to the date.

In all seriousness, a good date is that time when you completely immerse yourself in the experience, when you just forget that other things exist near you. That alone makes a perfect date. Obstructions such as using a phone are not ok as they will put off your date and you won’t have a successful experience. And if he/she agreed to meet with you in the first place, then they obviously want that date to be successful.

The DateCart app officially launches soon, but love can’t wait until then. Get on the list to put your name in the hat for access to our private beta.

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