Moving to a new city is rough for students. Everything is unfamiliar, and it’s easy to get turned around. It can also be lonely. Unfortunately, because everything is new and unfamiliar, that can also make it tougher to find people to connect with. Fortunately, there are some shortcuts those looking for love in between classes can take… if you know where to find them.

Tip #1: Find Your Scene

Everyone has hobbies, interests, and things they love to do. The easiest way to meet like-minded people in a new place is to go where your scene is. Whether you like fencing, miniatures war gaming, open mic nights, reading, jogging, or any other activity, there is probably a group dedicated to it somewhere in your city. Finding that group gives you a common interest with the other folks who show up, and that can be a great jumping off point.

Tip #2: Use Your Technology

In the old days, lonely hearts had to skim through the newspapers, reading over personals like they were messages in a bottle. Today, though, we have a vast electronic network full of websites and apps whose goals are helping like-minded people find love. Whether it’s OK Cupid, Match, eHarmony, or even Tinder, don’t be afraid to use technology to reach out to people you might otherwise never meet.

Tip #3: Look Around at Where You Are

People are everywhere, but most of us are too caught-up in our own lives to notice them most of the time. So whether you’re in class, at the coffee shop, the library, or just walking across campus, keep your eyes and ears open. You never know when you might be passing another ship in the night.

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