We’ve been invite-only testing DateCart for a couple of weeks now and we are very excited to open it up to everyone for feedback.


We are a team of hopeless romantics who’ve traveled the globe dating men and women from different cultures. As serial daters, we’ve tried nearly every dating app and understand the pressure on guys to show their dates and later their partners a good time. We’re building DateCart for people like us who don’t get excited about going to see a movie anymore.

How It Works

You don’t even need to create an account. To start planning a date, you first tell DateCart when you want to go out and how much you want to spend. The app then searches through thousands of activities and dinner reservations that fit your criteria. Select the options you like best, pay, and you’ll get an email confirmation with your itinerary. Creating an account does have it’s perks however, simply sign in with Facebook and you can start saving your date bookings and date preferences to make planning even faster.

The app is totally free and there aren’t any booking fees, you only pay the retail price of your activity, i.e. concert or meal.

DateCart was designed with speed, simplicity, and convenience in mind saving you the time it would take to search through dozens of apps and websites to come up with the perfect date.

How is DateCart Different?

There are hundreds of dating apps out there and they all promise to do one thing, help you meet the right person. But what about after that? What about the first date, second date, or weekly date night? DateCart helps facilitate the actual date process by helping you plan the perfect date over and over. DateCart is more of a tool you can use after you’ve met someone on all the other gazillion dating apps in the App Store and a hack you can take into your relationship to keep the excitement flowing.

Most so-called date apps just give you date ideas, but DateCart goes beyond that by providing everything from weather, ticket purchasing, to reserving your table at restaurant from directly within the application. We’ve become affiliates with several events and ticketing giants so we have access to hundreds of activities and restaurants around the world daily to help you plan the perfect date over and over again — in minutes.

Currently, we are supporting the United States, but we’ll soon be adding Mexico, Canada, Spain, France, Netherlands, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom. We’ll be updating the application a couple of time per week fixing bugs and adding features as we move to fully support the currency and language of our international users.

If you have any questions, bugs to report, features you want to request, or simply want to say Hi, feel free to contact us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or just send us an email at info(a)getdatecart(dot)com.

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