As an incredibly shy person, it can be hard to enter the dating scene. There’s almost nothing so challenging as looking a person in the eyes and admitting that you fancy them and might like a little personal contact. If you’re already blushing, these tips are for you. Whether you’re trying to ask someone on a date or are already looking across the table at them, it can help to take a deep breath and keep a few things in mind.

Tip 1: Admit That You’re Shy

You might be surprised how many people, also nervous about a first date, may take shyness for disinterest. By opening up a little, you can not only reassure them of your interest, but you do them a favor by making the first move toward an honest, understanding relationship. You never know, they may follow up by admitting a matching amount of shyness, making you perfect for each other.

Tip 2: Put On Your Brave Hair

This may sound silly, but it can help. Do your hair slightly differently and while you’re doing so, imagine your inner ‘brave self’ who does all the things that make you nervous. This is a great excuse to dress up a little for the date and the feeling of a different hairstyle on your head will help remind you to be brave. Special clothes, accessories, or makeup can also serve this purpose.

Tip 3: Look Them In The Eyes

No, really. People like to be looked at in the eyes and your partner is (probably) no exception. Especially in early dating phases, people tend to laugh off compliments and expressions of deep feelings as ‘not that serious’ in order to protect themselves just in case they’re being played or pranked. When offering compliments or expressing your feelings about someone, look them in the eyes to show how very serious you are. You may be surprised at the sentiment you get in return.

Shy people deserve love too, and being shy doesn’t have to take up your entire life. When you meet someone you want to get closer to, let them know and ask for a date. Then, if the date goes well, listen to your ‘brave self’ and hold their hand on the way home. You might just get a goodnight kiss.


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