Whether this is your first date or you two have been on several dates, there are certain things you should and should not do on a date.

1. Avoid Looking at Your Phone

Ideally, you should put your phone on silent and put it somewhere where it is not going to distract you throughout the date.

2. Listen

You date is not all about you. Listen to what your date has to say. Do not be in a hurry to jump in and tell your date all about yourself.

3. Plan Ahead

Okay, this technically happens before the date, but it is important to have a plan. Do not just show up at her house expecting her to have plans for the night.

4. Dress for the Event

How you dress will depend upon the date activity, but avoid dressing too casual. That gives off the impression that you do not care. While it is alright to keep the date activity a secret, you should at least let your date know how she should dress.

5. Plan for the Weather

While planning for the weather is not completely essential for an indoor date, if you are going to be outside, plan for bad weather. Bring along an umbrella and warmer clothing. Be willing to give up your coat if she gets cold.

6. Be Considerate of Her Time

If you know she has to work early the next day or otherwise needs to be home at a specific time, be willing to call it a night a little earlier.

7. Show Up on Time

This goes along with being considerate of her time. If you are going be late, call or text her to let her know. Otherwise, be there when you said you would be there.

8. Be Willing to Adapt

Yes, you should already have plans in place, but it is important to be willing to change those plans if necessary. Maybe you enjoyed your dinner conversation so much that you missed your movie. After dinner, sit on a park bench and talk or do something else instead.  

9. Avoid Stressing and Be Yourself

While it is natural to be a little nervous, avoid stressing about whether you said or did the right thing. Just be yourself. If she likes you, she will like the real you. If she does not like you, it is best to learn that sooner rather than later.

10. Have Fun

Your date should be fun. Enjoy the experience. If you are enjoying it, your date is more likely to enjoy herself.

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